Lenka Fronkova

Yoga Instructor

“Know Thyself”


Upcoming Events

Weekly Online Yoga Classes

Day: 01/12/ 2021 Wednesday
Time: 18:00-19:15 (GMT)
Location: Online classes
Levels: Beginner/Improver

Theme: The first of the pre-Christmas series classes. We will set an intention that we

will work with for the remaining of the advent period. Physically, we will focus on

releasing tension from the hips and lower back.

All the classes combine asanas with pranayama and relaxation/meditation. 

Drop-in classes: £5

To sign-up: contact me by 12:00 on the day of the class to receive a Skype link to join

Pre-christmas online yoga 2021

Day: Wednesdays
Time: 18:00 (GMT)
Location: Your home 🙂
Levels: Beginner/Improver

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